Another Mother Teresa In Making


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After a tiring day from the school, I rush back to my home. ‘How can someone like school?’ I ponder on this thought when my mother opens the main door. ‘Another attack on our valiant soldiers in Uri’ she despondently asserts.
For the past one week, our media has been portraying all sorts of news regarding the Uri attack and its aftermath. “Why doesn’t the neighbouring country concede its participation in this gruesome event? Should the Pakistani artists be banned in India? Is another war inevitable!?” And all of these discussions are the talk of the town in the country across the border too.
My heart bleeds for the martyred soldiers and the voice inside me revolts against this brutal episode. Where is this world heading to? Shouldn’t we provide aid to the families of these heavenly soldiers financially as well as emotionally instead of commencing a Twitter War with the citizens of the neighbouring country?

Another thought disturbs my disconsolated mind:

why the news channels only support the negatives of the world while overshadowing the positive ones? As my thoughts horrify me even more, my soul tries to find solace on the internet to know if humanity still exists.

I come across two truly wonderful souls who reclaim my faith in humanity- the gorgeous Mother Teresa who deserves to be a popular figure and Raquel Mason Palomeque, The one who is actually following Mother Teresa’s footsteps.

This Spanish woman has taken massive efforts to change the lives of the Dalit children in Bihar for the past 10 years!

Dalits in India are the members of the lowest caste who’ve been mistreated at every phase in the course of our country’s history. Only few courageous people have tried to alter the norms set by the ruthless society, and Ms Raquel is one of them. The Dalit community in Bihar was suffering and its children were deprived of the basic education and sufficient healthcare. Ms Raquel, who’d already fallen in love with the country’s sublime culture by that time, took the decision to return to Spain to collect funds for these beautiful yet hapless children of God.

Just like Mother Teresa, she decided that she’ll make her life more useful to others. In the year 2008, She quit her job in Spain and sold her house to compensate for her expenses and left for India. She opened up Akshy Educational Centre and Kamal School, where currently about 220 children are being taught. You’ll be surprised to know that half the seats in the school are reserved for girls!
She strongly believes that education will provide them with instruments to stand up for their views, ideas and ask for their rights as Indian Citizens.

We need souls like Mother Teresa and Raquel who aspire to diminish the negativity of this world! Come, let’s become one!
To know more about her mission, you can visit her website:
My gratitude to: ‘The Better India’ newsletter that inspires me by helping me connect with beautiful people like Raquel Mason Palomeque!



The World Craves For Peace


‘The ship’s going to drown’ One of the dispirited sailors proclaimed. ‘The aggressive waves accompanied by the strong winds have caught hold of the ship, we need to do something otherwise we all will perish!’ The other dispirited sailor proclaimed. ‘Can we not do something?!’ The third sailor impatiently asked the captain on the ship.

‘Just pray to the almighty, I know he will save his children from the imminent catastrophe. Sailors! Let’s all join our hands and make our devotions to our God. I know, he will come to protect us’ the captain (out of the blue) asserted. ‘But the system of the ship is still under our control captain,once again if we endeavour then definitely we’ll find out a way and survive!’ The third sailor responded. ‘Lets all join our hands, not only to pray, but also to fight against all odds and survive the forthcoming disaster. Who’s with me?!’ The third sailor added, he wanted to influence his fellow companions. (Let’s assume that there aren’t any lifeboats on the ship) Out of the fifty people aboard, only seven rose their hands in unison and the others, sending prayers to God and giving heed to only the captain’s words, didn’t take any notice to what the young soldier affirmed.
Regrettably, the ship sunk and all died, only because out of the big crowd, hardly seven strived to save the ship.
Now, presume that the WORLD is the sinking ship and that WE ALL are its sailors. The aggressive waves and tempestuous winds are those ferocious faces of mankind who purposely destroy the peace prevailing in the society. Out of so many people, only a few valiant confront these faces to bring about an effective change in the society but fail to do so just because they are FEWER in number.
If we stand up and fight against this injustice and violence that currently exists in the society, we will be able to create HEAVEN – ON EARTH. We have two choices now- either to be one of those empty-headed sailors who fearfully sent prayers to the God or to be like those courageous seamen who knew that God have already given them an option to fight for their survival and gain victory. Now, let me ask you a question- Which one would you prefer to be, huh?
-Anshika Jhamb