A Modern Day Fairy Tale

imageA Modern Day Fairy Tale

Hideous. Ghastly. Hateful.
The words dominated her mind as she glanced at the mirror. Her world was clearly shattered. Her vividly imaginative mind allowed her to believe that the mirror was taunting her for her looks and questioning her beauty. She shut her eyes tightly, for she wasn’t in fear of the world but herself. Thoughts about her failed marriage and its aftermath petrified her soul to such an extent that she broke down.
There were no birds on the window seal to lend their wonderful voices and weave a song to calm her horrified soul. No mice to bring in some comical touch to her life’s dreary story. She dreamt of a Prince Charming but her Prince’s charm was a mere disillusion. She uttered a yelp to her Godmother, for she wanted the magic of life to be back, so that she could be the same shimmering herself that she used to be six months ago.
All of a sudden, she realised something. Her conscience hit upon her so hard that she remained still for another hour. Then, the most unexpected situation occurred. She stood up, gaped with astonishment as she took a look at her disfigured face, which was once as beautiful and blissful as it could ever be, until the attack of sulphuric acid which left her with one eye blinded and epithelial cells of the skin, lifeless. But, enough is enough.
Neither was she a damsel nor in distress, anymore. She couldn’t be a lifeless log floating in the river of life with its aim being nothing.
‘I’m beautiful. The most glamorous girl I’ve ever known. How does it matter to me what the mirror says about the beauty which is only virtual, far from the real. I no longer wait for my knight in shining armour to enter into the scene as a saviour and shield me from the criticism I may have to face. I-am-my-own-true-hero. I’m bold and unsuspiciously stunning. And I need not prove that to someone else.’
For the very first time, she could see herself smiling, that curve on her face sparkled like a gem. She had made up her mind to live, live for the sake of herself and her family which loves her way too much, irrespective of the drastic change(albeit virtual).

She finally found her own Charming hero who would love her because of the precious inner beauty which no one could ever steal from her, the wonderful Godmother who would guide her through her struggles, the birds and mice who would dance in jolly when she would attain the success she’s striving for. All of them were right in front of her, as she gazed at the mirror with a novel aspiration.

~Anshika M Jhamb


The World Craves For Peace


‘The ship’s going to drown’ One of the dispirited sailors proclaimed. ‘The aggressive waves accompanied by the strong winds have caught hold of the ship, we need to do something otherwise we all will perish!’ The other dispirited sailor proclaimed. ‘Can we not do something?!’ The third sailor impatiently asked the captain on the ship.

‘Just pray to the almighty, I know he will save his children from the imminent catastrophe. Sailors! Let’s all join our hands and make our devotions to our God. I know, he will come to protect us’ the captain (out of the blue) asserted. ‘But the system of the ship is still under our control captain,once again if we endeavour then definitely we’ll find out a way and survive!’ The third sailor responded. ‘Lets all join our hands, not only to pray, but also to fight against all odds and survive the forthcoming disaster. Who’s with me?!’ The third sailor added, he wanted to influence his fellow companions. (Let’s assume that there aren’t any lifeboats on the ship) Out of the fifty people aboard, only seven rose their hands in unison and the others, sending prayers to God and giving heed to only the captain’s words, didn’t take any notice to what the young soldier affirmed.
Regrettably, the ship sunk and all died, only because out of the big crowd, hardly seven strived to save the ship.
Now, presume that the WORLD is the sinking ship and that WE ALL are its sailors. The aggressive waves and tempestuous winds are those ferocious faces of mankind who purposely destroy the peace prevailing in the society. Out of so many people, only a few valiant confront these faces to bring about an effective change in the society but fail to do so just because they are FEWER in number.
If we stand up and fight against this injustice and violence that currently exists in the society, we will be able to create HEAVEN – ON EARTH. We have two choices now- either to be one of those empty-headed sailors who fearfully sent prayers to the God or to be like those courageous seamen who knew that God have already given them an option to fight for their survival and gain victory. Now, let me ask you a question- Which one would you prefer to be, huh?
-Anshika Jhamb