The Child In You!



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I’ve often seen people with repressed emotions, trying too hard to not show what they had gone through. Believe me, these feelings might be forgotten by you after a year or so, but your heart carries this awful burden until your deathbed. Love yourself compassionately, you need to let go of the abusive memories and harsh feelings you were compelled to go through and do forgive the person you were deliberately harmed by(Even if that person was you). You need to comprehend that they too had once suffered in the hands of injustice and hatred by somebody and that ‘somebody’ in turn might have had been hurt by someone else and the cycle henceforth continues without any stoppage.

Breathe. Deeply. And try to isolate yourself completely from those painful memories. Gently shut your eyes and imagine yourself in a glorious environment with a child- splurging with innocence and playfulness. Instantly connect with that child. You look at her and soon realise that the child is the former you, the authentic form of yourself who has been suffering the day since you isolated her to experience the materialistic life. Make an attempt to strike a conversation with that child and convince her that you truly love and admire her for who she is. Ask her for granting you forgiveness at not being able to present yourself to her when she needed you the most. And that very time was when you were emotionally wounded but you prevented your tears from flowing away, when you were abused but you didn’t prefer to show that to the world. This directly affected your inner child and brought about a drastic change to your inner world and consequently to your outer world too.
After asking her to forgive you (this may take some time since the child may be hesitant at first to share her true feelings with you). Hug her and listen to her and her ordeal experiences. Remind her time and again that that time, which lingered with pain and animosity has now fled away and that you hold the responsibility as a guardian of your child, protecting her from all the miseries that might try to creep in,if, in the near future. Experience your angels around you and your inner child, blessing you and showering immense love upon the inner child. After that, Talk with her, play with her and proclaim your love to your inner child. Finally, bid her an adieu and remind her and yourself that you would come back again to meet her very soon. Practice these sessions every day until all the suppressed feelings of your inner child emerge out. Hearing those stories and experiences might make you overwhelmed with emotions but that would only prove that your journey of self healing has commenced!
Finally, open your eyes and congratulate yourself for a beautiful work out!


Supreme Ways To Kick-Start Your Day!

Supreme Ways To Kick-Start Your Day!


Why not take a break and try out something untried of? Instead of the same monotonous morning routines of waking up from the annoying sound of the alarm clock and readying yourself for the school or office (still in a drowsy state). Why not just try out something new and out of the box? I’ll assure you that after doing these handful number of exercises you’ll be brimming with energy and excitement and absolutely ready to begin your day!

The Laugh Out Loud Strategy!

When we find something hilarious, we never fail to use this ‘extremely’ popular internet slang -LOL. Now, when you’re so familiar with this acronym, why not just utilize it in a proper/right way?(typing a ‘lol’ even if you don’t feel funny is very usual these days). Life is much better when you are laughing. So here is what you are going to do firstly in the morning-
Laugh Out Loud! Laugh as hard as you can, even if you feel silly, just laugh and dance as if you are super-crazy, sing your favourite song even if you aren’t a good singer, do something funny that will make you laugh out loud! Laughing actually decreases the amount of stress and worries which we face in our day-to-day lives, helps to boost up our immunity and the feelings which are generated after a good laugh keeps you happy, healthy and positive throughout the day.

The Importance Of Gratitude!

When you wake up in the morning, just take a moment and think that it is a privilege to be alive and to be a part of another beautiful day. Thank the almighty for what he has provided you with, for instance- water, a house, or even an apple, etc for there are hundreds in this world who are dying of thirst and appetite, thousands who are struggling to earn a living and millions who are just not as fortunate as you. As soon as you try this exercise, you’ll automatically feel the difference and a sense of blessing and divine happiness will keep you happy for the rest of your day.

Keep Your Distance From The Phone!

There’s no need to check out whether you missed on any important calls or notifications early in the morning. Instead of that, you can cultivate a new hobby! people don’t get enough time to focus on their likings and leisure interests. If you love gardening, you can wake up early in the morning and plant some new saplings in your garden. This would surely bring about a new change in your life.

Connect To Your Inner Spirituality!

Daily meditation and yoga practices have proved to be outstandingly beneficial for the mind to attain emotional and mental peace. Whereas, yoga practices helps in keeping your mind and body healthy. Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar is the perfect yoga exercise to start your day!

These were some of my tips for a unique beginning to a perfect morning that will keep you energised until the end of the day! Hope you liked my blog! Do invite your comments.