What Is Happening To Me?

“Why does it always happen to me?”
“What have I done to deserve this?”
“I’m worthless!”
“I’m not a deserving candidate.”

Doesn’t this remind you of something?

The statements you just read above are quite common to hear, aren’t they? But, where have you heard them?
Well, then just ask yourself. You might either end up scratching your head in a confused state as to where these words last hit your ears or you might have guessed it right. Who said this to you?
Well then, Surprise!
It was me, your mind! You might not know this but I love criticising you. The way you sit, stand and stroll..Ugh! You’re just so disgusting I tell you. Remember, yesterday’s fashion show on the television? The models were so gorgeous! The way they walked on the ramp, that’s what you call attitude! You really need to work on this otherwise you might end up looking slouchy and uncharismatic.

Now, Did you find that extremely irritating?
Were you totally flabbergasted with the way the mind conversed?
No, it’s not the first time you’re hearing (or should I rather say- READING) this conversation. OUR MINDS CAN EITHER BE OUR SERVANTS OR OUR MASTERS. If servant, they can be the most loyal and soothing ones, but when they play the role of a master, they will never feel shy to show you their villainy. Never.

Then how will I get to acknowledge whether my mind is a loyal servant or the cruel master?
It’s very simple. Are your thoughts in control of you or are you (unknowingly) being controlled by your own thoughts?
If the former is what you choose then there’s no need to worry my friend, you are in a perfect state of health. Keep rocking and don’t let the mind overrule you!
If the latter is what fits to your situation- then there’s a possibility that you’re dealing with a cruel master-a turbulent mind. In that case, you might even suffer from daily mood swings and unhappiness.
But, as you know-there’s a solution to every problem!
I would highly recommend you to start your mornings with meditation. To be more exact- Gibberish Meditation will work wonders specially for people who have a tendency to overthink.
It’s an extremely easy (and FUN!) way to calm your mind and rule over it again! You can get to know about this meditation on the Internet (Believe me, I myself am an avid practicer of this meditation and it has helped me a great deal in my battle with low self esteem and depression).
Good Luck!
Not to forget to mention, if you begin with this meditation, you need to then continue it for solid 21 days. You’ll soon see as well as feel the amazing results. Your happiness, vibrancy and optimism will lead your way!
P.S- want it to be more effective? Do it with an empty stomach!

May Happiness shine your way!


An Act Of Gratitude Can Change Your Life!


“You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy”- Buddha

Even the great Buddha was aware of the miracles that the power of gratitude can create in one’s life. Gratitude can create miracles in your life. In this blog, I would love to share the benefits and the way in which you can bring the power of gratitude into use. Behold yourself for an amazing new start to your life through the mighty potency of Gratitude!

There’s so much in this world to be grateful for! So, the first thing you can do in the morning is- Create a list and jot down 7 things that you are blessed with (you have to do this exercise daily). It can either be your good health or even a glass of fresh water. It can be anything. For instance, you are thankful to life for your good health. Write it down, then sit in front of the mirror and read it out aloud to yourself. At the end of each blessing, say ‘thank you!’ Remember, that you need to feel the gratitude from the inside, you just can’t read those blessings for the sake of finishing the session as quickly as possible and then expect to receive the results in the blink of an eye. The outcome of your gratitude sessions will take a little time so you need to be patient. But the results which you’ll soon see will be magical. Beginning your day with a thankful outlook on life is perfect as it generates positive feelings in you and brings about a fruitful change in your life.

You might be aware that your inner thoughts and feelings create your outer circumstances. After practising this gratitude exercise, you will instantly feel happy and optimistic. The more happy feelings you experience, more will you attract circumstances that will make you feel jolly and gleeful. So here is another benefit- your gratitude practise is in turn providing you with more things to be thankful for!

Gratitude not only means a quality of having thankfulness and expressing it, but also appreciating even the smaller things in life. So appreciate people, appreciate nature, and yes- do appreciate yourself (that’s the first and the most important thing to do!) Also, try not to complain, criticise or speak negative words about anyone or anything since this will lead to the formation of negative energy around you and spoil the whole fun and enjoyment that you were experiencing after the gratitude session! Believe me, practising gratitude really works. (Proof- It worked for me!)

I hope you enjoyed reading!

-Anshika Jhamb

Supreme Ways To Kick-Start Your Day!

Supreme Ways To Kick-Start Your Day!


Why not take a break and try out something untried of? Instead of the same monotonous morning routines of waking up from the annoying sound of the alarm clock and readying yourself for the school or office (still in a drowsy state). Why not just try out something new and out of the box? I’ll assure you that after doing these handful number of exercises you’ll be brimming with energy and excitement and absolutely ready to begin your day!

The Laugh Out Loud Strategy!

When we find something hilarious, we never fail to use this ‘extremely’ popular internet slang -LOL. Now, when you’re so familiar with this acronym, why not just utilize it in a proper/right way?(typing a ‘lol’ even if you don’t feel funny is very usual these days). Life is much better when you are laughing. So here is what you are going to do firstly in the morning-
Laugh Out Loud! Laugh as hard as you can, even if you feel silly, just laugh and dance as if you are super-crazy, sing your favourite song even if you aren’t a good singer, do something funny that will make you laugh out loud! Laughing actually decreases the amount of stress and worries which we face in our day-to-day lives, helps to boost up our immunity and the feelings which are generated after a good laugh keeps you happy, healthy and positive throughout the day.

The Importance Of Gratitude!

When you wake up in the morning, just take a moment and think that it is a privilege to be alive and to be a part of another beautiful day. Thank the almighty for what he has provided you with, for instance- water, a house, or even an apple, etc for there are hundreds in this world who are dying of thirst and appetite, thousands who are struggling to earn a living and millions who are just not as fortunate as you. As soon as you try this exercise, you’ll automatically feel the difference and a sense of blessing and divine happiness will keep you happy for the rest of your day.

Keep Your Distance From The Phone!

There’s no need to check out whether you missed on any important calls or notifications early in the morning. Instead of that, you can cultivate a new hobby! people don’t get enough time to focus on their likings and leisure interests. If you love gardening, you can wake up early in the morning and plant some new saplings in your garden. This would surely bring about a new change in your life.

Connect To Your Inner Spirituality!

Daily meditation and yoga practices have proved to be outstandingly beneficial for the mind to attain emotional and mental peace. Whereas, yoga practices helps in keeping your mind and body healthy. Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar is the perfect yoga exercise to start your day!

These were some of my tips for a unique beginning to a perfect morning that will keep you energised until the end of the day! Hope you liked my blog! Do invite your comments.

6 Ways To Cure Low Self-Esteem Issues- Blogging My Own Experience

6 Ways To Cure Low Self-Esteem Issues- Blogging My Own Experience

Teenage years are quite challenging, this is the period when you are neither classified as a child nor an adult. You have to be at your level best. Your parents, teachers, peers expect a lot from you and sometimes, however, there comes a point in your life when you’re not able to stand up to their expectations and experience failure. Consequently, after certain sets of failures you have to deal with criticism. This leads to a severe blow to your self-esteem and eventually you lose it.
This was just an example, there are many more reasons that might have contributed to your low self-esteem. It’s okay if you have a low self-esteem, it’s totally fine! Just remember that there are thousands in this world, who had dealt with this situation and came out of it successfully and soon you’ll be one of one of them! I too experienced a low self-esteem and believe me there’s a cure to this troubling issue of yours. So just hold back and follow these directives-
1) Huggie Time!
Yes! Huggie Time is the perfect solution. Hug yourself tightly and murmur this to yourself- ‘(your name) I love you, you’re the best!’ Do this two times a day (let me be more precise-) the moment after you wake up, and the moment when you are about to go to sleep. Try this technique and follow it strictly until you feel better…(it surely works!)
2) Help someone in need!
Whenever you help someone, you feel wonderful and happy. You feel good about yourself! Donate your pocket-money (I understand, it can be tough!)  or help a friend  in need.
3) Self Affirmation is a must!
You’ve lost your self-esteem because you’ve been too negative and critical towards yourself. Just try to focus on your thoughts (try it right now!) or remember what was your last reaction when your mom told you that you look gorgeous in that outfit. Was the thought or reaction over critical? Did you find yourself overly judgemental and unsympathetic? Stop it right away! Imagine you’ve a friend who’s selfish but dear to you, would you tell her right on her face that she’s an egocentric and a self-absorbed person? If your answer’s a ‘yes’ then definitely you’ll see her teary eyed and soon realize you’ve deeply hurt her feelings.
 If your answer’s a ‘no way!’ then just think what have you been doing to yourself for past few days or months. You’ve deeply hurt yourself, haven’t you? Now is the time to heal those wounds. Here’s the solution- three times a day, sit in front of the mirror and speak good about yourself, appreciate your good heart, how you helped a friend when he was in need, tell yourself that you’re a beautiful soul, you are unique!
4) Choose the right people!
Spend time with those who are positive and kind towards you. Talk to them about your problems, ask them their opinions, ask them what they like about you. You’ll be amazed and thrilled by their answers! ‘Oh my god! Do you really find me lighthearted and fun to be with’ might be your reaction. You can talk to your parents and close friends about this.
5) Find new hobbies!
By doing this you’ll definitely find out that you’re talented! Don’t be disheartened at first if you tried your best but could not accomplish as a good singer, at least you tried and that’s a great thing! Some people don’t even give it a chance but you did!
Remember no one’s perfect! Try out something new everyday!
Last but not the least
6) Stay Positive!
You have to be alert all the time, have you been dwelling on negative thoughts? Take a step further and kick those thoughts out. They don’t deserve your precious time, do they? Now, think positive. That’s it. For instance, you’ve been thinking about your project presentation tomorrow and have been constantly saying this to yourself- ‘What if no one likes my presentation tomorrow?’
Change your thought by saying-‘No, this won’t happen. I’ve given my best and so do I deserve the best!
I hope you enjoyed reading! Do invite your comments
-Anshika Jhamb