Another Mother Teresa In Making


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After a tiring day from the school, I rush back to my home. ‘How can someone like school?’ I ponder on this thought when my mother opens the main door. ‘Another attack on our valiant soldiers in Uri’ she despondently asserts.
For the past one week, our media has been portraying all sorts of news regarding the Uri attack and its aftermath. “Why doesn’t the neighbouring country concede its participation in this gruesome event? Should the Pakistani artists be banned in India? Is another war inevitable!?” And all of these discussions are the talk of the town in the country across the border too.
My heart bleeds for the martyred soldiers and the voice inside me revolts against this brutal episode. Where is this world heading to? Shouldn’t we provide aid to the families of these heavenly soldiers financially as well as emotionally instead of commencing a Twitter War with the citizens of the neighbouring country?

Another thought disturbs my disconsolated mind:

why the news channels only support the negatives of the world while overshadowing the positive ones? As my thoughts horrify me even more, my soul tries to find solace on the internet to know if humanity still exists.

I come across two truly wonderful souls who reclaim my faith in humanity- the gorgeous Mother Teresa who deserves to be a popular figure and Raquel Mason Palomeque, The one who is actually following Mother Teresa’s footsteps.

This Spanish woman has taken massive efforts to change the lives of the Dalit children in Bihar for the past 10 years!

Dalits in India are the members of the lowest caste who’ve been mistreated at every phase in the course of our country’s history. Only few courageous people have tried to alter the norms set by the ruthless society, and Ms Raquel is one of them. The Dalit community in Bihar was suffering and its children were deprived of the basic education and sufficient healthcare. Ms Raquel, who’d already fallen in love with the country’s sublime culture by that time, took the decision to return to Spain to collect funds for these beautiful yet hapless children of God.

Just like Mother Teresa, she decided that she’ll make her life more useful to others. In the year 2008, She quit her job in Spain and sold her house to compensate for her expenses and left for India. She opened up Akshy Educational Centre and Kamal School, where currently about 220 children are being taught. You’ll be surprised to know that half the seats in the school are reserved for girls!
She strongly believes that education will provide them with instruments to stand up for their views, ideas and ask for their rights as Indian Citizens.

We need souls like Mother Teresa and Raquel who aspire to diminish the negativity of this world! Come, let’s become one!
To know more about her mission, you can visit her website:
My gratitude to: ‘The Better India’ newsletter that inspires me by helping me connect with beautiful people like Raquel Mason Palomeque!



Peacock Mantis Shrimp- The Beauty With Beastly Powers!

Peacock Mantis Shrimp- The Beauty With Beastly Powers



Don’t go by its astounding beauty, this creature holds the capability to smash and shatter any animal that dares to cross its path.

They belong to the group of marine crustaceans and are widely found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. These animals have the most complex eyes in the world with 16 colour receptive cones while we humans have only three. Not only can they move each eye independently to keep track of their predators if around, but also can perceive ultraviolet light. But wait, there’s more to this animal. Lot more.

An attack by the Mantis Shrimp’s deadly appendages is 50 times faster than the blink of a human eye. Literally, the speed of its punch is almost equal to a 0.22 caliber bullet.

Mantis Shrimps are divided into two groups- the Smashers who cut off the limbs of their prey and the Spearers who stab fishes with its sharp and pointy appendages. Truly, they are indeed one of the world’s most violent animals. Their appendages are so quick that the water around them boils and when these bubbles collapse, they cause intense underwater shockwaves which can kill its prey in seconds (if they weren’t able to kill in the first go) This process is known as supercavitation.

Now that you’ve found out how cool this underwater animal is, you might be wondering how on earth is this animal not housed in the aquariums. Well, this animal will then destroy its fellow mates in the aquarium and might even break the glass and attack humans. Indeed, outrageousness and villainy cleverly hidden by enchanting beauty.

to know more about the coolest animals like the Mantis Shrimp, visit:


Am I Enough?


We all are different. Whether it be our physical characteristics or personalities. We all are unique and wonderful in our own ways. Do you accept this very fact?

I do. But I usually fall into this mighty trap which I’m certain you have fallen into too. (Like a dozen times)
‘She is prettier that I am’, ‘he got better grades than me’, ‘she owns more than what my son does’ or even worse than all of these- ‘he has a better life than mine!’
Quit comparing yourself with others. Quit your trivial competition with others who you think are far better than you. That’s the very first step of paramount importance for leading a truly gleeful life. Remember this: They aren’t the perfectionists, they do lack the talent in areas where you shine and sparkle like a gem.

By competing with others, comparing your own essence with theirs and coveting what they have that you don’t simply leads to a destructible and melancholic life. By doing so you’re simply degrading your own esteem. You’re indirectly declaring to yourself that- ‘I’m not enough!’

The best and the most deserving person to be competed with is none other that you! Compete with yourself, so that the tomorrow’s ‘you’ is more wise, intelligent and beautiful than the yesterday’s ‘you’.
Someone has rightly said, ‘A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms’
Be that flower and spread your tantalising aroma to the world!

A Trip That Changed My Mindset


As a part of my hobby to study the cross-section of people across different regions in the country, I made my trip to Mussoorie this time. Today I’d been to the local market of this mesmerizing place. Far away from the crowded cities, disturbing noises and bad air, I was in a place that truly possessed abundance of beauty, meditative silence, fresh air and good people who hadn’t failed to maintain it. The place welcomed our arrival by showering rains which mollified our minds and along with that, the cool winds acted as a tonic for our nervous souls. Indeed, nature is rightfully called our mother.

But, one thing that had altered my mindset and shocked my senses was the sight of the inhabitants of this place. Even at the age when crutches act as the main support system for the body to move, these amazing people of the hills amazed me with their amazing health. I saw tons of old men and women carrying heavy loads on their head and up they went to the hill top without a slight hitch! Tough to believe? I’ve the proof-
The lady in the picture above should be rightfully called a woman of sheer substance. She’s Savitri, a 77 year old woman of the hills. At this fragile age, she is hesitant to be dependent on the other for her living. When my grandma asked for a packet of cookies, with a pretty smile on her face, Savitri stood up on the stool and took out a few packets for her. From that day on, I hold a deep reverence for the people of this area particularly this subject lady. Savitri unknowingly taught me that it’s not age which hinders your real potential but your mindset. Change your mindset, change your world!


What Is Happening To Me?

“Why does it always happen to me?”
“What have I done to deserve this?”
“I’m worthless!”
“I’m not a deserving candidate.”

Doesn’t this remind you of something?

The statements you just read above are quite common to hear, aren’t they? But, where have you heard them?
Well, then just ask yourself. You might either end up scratching your head in a confused state as to where these words last hit your ears or you might have guessed it right. Who said this to you?
Well then, Surprise!
It was me, your mind! You might not know this but I love criticising you. The way you sit, stand and stroll..Ugh! You’re just so disgusting I tell you. Remember, yesterday’s fashion show on the television? The models were so gorgeous! The way they walked on the ramp, that’s what you call attitude! You really need to work on this otherwise you might end up looking slouchy and uncharismatic.

Now, Did you find that extremely irritating?
Were you totally flabbergasted with the way the mind conversed?
No, it’s not the first time you’re hearing (or should I rather say- READING) this conversation. OUR MINDS CAN EITHER BE OUR SERVANTS OR OUR MASTERS. If servant, they can be the most loyal and soothing ones, but when they play the role of a master, they will never feel shy to show you their villainy. Never.

Then how will I get to acknowledge whether my mind is a loyal servant or the cruel master?
It’s very simple. Are your thoughts in control of you or are you (unknowingly) being controlled by your own thoughts?
If the former is what you choose then there’s no need to worry my friend, you are in a perfect state of health. Keep rocking and don’t let the mind overrule you!
If the latter is what fits to your situation- then there’s a possibility that you’re dealing with a cruel master-a turbulent mind. In that case, you might even suffer from daily mood swings and unhappiness.
But, as you know-there’s a solution to every problem!
I would highly recommend you to start your mornings with meditation. To be more exact- Gibberish Meditation will work wonders specially for people who have a tendency to overthink.
It’s an extremely easy (and FUN!) way to calm your mind and rule over it again! You can get to know about this meditation on the Internet (Believe me, I myself am an avid practicer of this meditation and it has helped me a great deal in my battle with low self esteem and depression).
Good Luck!
Not to forget to mention, if you begin with this meditation, you need to then continue it for solid 21 days. You’ll soon see as well as feel the amazing results. Your happiness, vibrancy and optimism will lead your way!
P.S- want it to be more effective? Do it with an empty stomach!

May Happiness shine your way!

Knock Knock! Are You There Humanity?



A Terrorist attack in Brussels. Oh, suicide bombing in Lahore. How can I forget Paris. 26/11 and 9/11 too.
Well, what should I say now? We love to talk about love, peace and harmony, but as I can see, the future of humanity is heading towards darkness (let’s be honest). God created us in the hopes of building new dimensions and ideas that would flourish on this beautiful planet for centuries to come. But what has happened now? Why are we destroying each other? For attaining supreme power or is it religion? Hopes shattered.
Why have we forgotten that we made religion, and that religion didn’t make us. Religion is a person’s way of life and the ideals he follows and the ‘guru’ whose philosophies he acknowledges the most. This guru shares the same knowledge with all the beautiful beings of this world and they make it their way of life. The mere difference which I can observe in the religions of the world is only the language and the culture but, the self same Guru. That’s it.
So why are we fighting? Different religions in and around the globe have taught to love and respect each and every being (this fact is definitely not unfamiliar to you) but ask yourself- are we really following this ideal?
If all the people of the world choose LOVE over HATRED, wouldn’t earth be that Heaven we all want to experience once in our lifetime?

The World Craves For Peace


‘The ship’s going to drown’ One of the dispirited sailors proclaimed. ‘The aggressive waves accompanied by the strong winds have caught hold of the ship, we need to do something otherwise we all will perish!’ The other dispirited sailor proclaimed. ‘Can we not do something?!’ The third sailor impatiently asked the captain on the ship.

‘Just pray to the almighty, I know he will save his children from the imminent catastrophe. Sailors! Let’s all join our hands and make our devotions to our God. I know, he will come to protect us’ the captain (out of the blue) asserted. ‘But the system of the ship is still under our control captain,once again if we endeavour then definitely we’ll find out a way and survive!’ The third sailor responded. ‘Lets all join our hands, not only to pray, but also to fight against all odds and survive the forthcoming disaster. Who’s with me?!’ The third sailor added, he wanted to influence his fellow companions. (Let’s assume that there aren’t any lifeboats on the ship) Out of the fifty people aboard, only seven rose their hands in unison and the others, sending prayers to God and giving heed to only the captain’s words, didn’t take any notice to what the young soldier affirmed.
Regrettably, the ship sunk and all died, only because out of the big crowd, hardly seven strived to save the ship.
Now, presume that the WORLD is the sinking ship and that WE ALL are its sailors. The aggressive waves and tempestuous winds are those ferocious faces of mankind who purposely destroy the peace prevailing in the society. Out of so many people, only a few valiant confront these faces to bring about an effective change in the society but fail to do so just because they are FEWER in number.
If we stand up and fight against this injustice and violence that currently exists in the society, we will be able to create HEAVEN – ON EARTH. We have two choices now- either to be one of those empty-headed sailors who fearfully sent prayers to the God or to be like those courageous seamen who knew that God have already given them an option to fight for their survival and gain victory. Now, let me ask you a question- Which one would you prefer to be, huh?
-Anshika Jhamb