Am I Enough?


We all are different. Whether it be our physical characteristics or personalities. We all are unique and wonderful in our own ways. Do you accept this very fact?

I do. But I usually fall into this mighty trap which I’m certain you have fallen into too. (Like a dozen times)
‘She is prettier that I am’, ‘he got better grades than me’, ‘she owns more than what my son does’ or even worse than all of these- ‘he has a better life than mine!’
Quit comparing yourself with others. Quit your trivial competition with others who you think are far better than you. That’s the very first step of paramount importance for leading a truly gleeful life. Remember this: They aren’t the perfectionists, they do lack the talent in areas where you shine and sparkle like a gem.

By competing with others, comparing your own essence with theirs and coveting what they have that you don’t simply leads to a destructible and melancholic life. By doing so you’re simply degrading your own esteem. You’re indirectly declaring to yourself that- ‘I’m not enough!’

The best and the most deserving person to be competed with is none other that you! Compete with yourself, so that the tomorrow’s ‘you’ is more wise, intelligent and beautiful than the yesterday’s ‘you’.
Someone has rightly said, ‘A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms’
Be that flower and spread your tantalising aroma to the world!


3 thoughts on “Am I Enough?

  1. So beautifully put.
    If only I could conquer this one.

    However, I do believe I set very high standards upon myself. Always have. So, when comparing to others, sometimes I am doing that, to aspire to be that, to have that, to be able to do that. It is what I envisioned in who I should be and when I fall short of my own goals, the comparison is a rude little reminder that “I am not enough”. I have not become enough, done enough, been purposeful enough, learned enough. I want more for my life and these others I compare myself to, remind me of that.
    In a good way and in a way that is not so productive or effective.

    I also think it is programed into us by media, especially internet media. The sensationalism is everywhere. The one post that goes viral, the person that does the impossible, and so on and so on. The expectation is not only within us, but screaming everywhere we go.
    Whether that be dating or job hunting, or cooking dinner, everyone is looking for the next sensationalized person or event.
    Employers are looking for the biggest and brightest star of all candidates. If not polished just right, you won’t get the job, because Perfect Percy is in line and has all the sensationlism that is fed to us in socialized media.
    How can we compete with that?

    It becomes a part of our programming, whether we care for it to be or not. What ever happened to the ordinary person, who just as much too offer and just as much productivity and skill as the next?

    When did viral and senstionalism become our reality?

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    1. So True Diana! I totally agree with you. Don’t you think, The world has become an overly competitive place? Although it is a good sign to be a part of the competition but too much of anything can prove to be harmful! you’ve got to be perfect in every endeavour of yours. Social media has taken a toll on every person you walk past by(I’m diverting from the topic!) perfectionism is expected in whatever you do, but I guess people are forgetting that we all are imperfect and that’s what makes us a part of the human race! Love and accept the authentic self. That’s my motto😃
      Lastly, thank you so much for your kind and appreciable words. You made my day😊

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